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I do so love the Click-shooters and I realize you most likley put alot of time into this game. However, I have to admit running around a school dining area and killing teachers, cooks and students is a little over the top. I see this was post by you about 8 years ago and I was curious as to if you look back at a game such as this and wonder to yourself "Holy shit, what was I thinking"

Of course I realize this is in fact a game, and frankly I enjoy the "Ultra-Violence" as much as the next guy. So no knocks here. I am really simply interested in your take on this since you've matured and grown up since.

In regards of graphics, the animations were sound and adequate. Storyline was perfect for this type of game (albiet I would have preffered say, city streets or the jungles of 'Nam as a backdrop) Soundwork and foley were adequate. I gave this a "4". totally in the vien of Brainsplatters 2 (Which I quite enjoyed)

Well done

Extremely tough at times, but I could see how one may be able to accomplish. I feel just a little (I mean just a tad) bit more time would make this a little more accesible.

I fun little time killer! Keep up the good work

A pleasure to play

I love the Cyber-punk Bladerunner/Manhunter visual style to this. Graphically excellent with great backgrounds and ambient animations. The Sniper/Adventure twist is a breath of fresh air to a tired Genre of games. Pretty decent sound effects and tracks. Neat Plot! The game is just enough challenge to be engaging, and not be frustrating. You have a wonderful talent and I look forward to your next creations!


What an awesome and engaging game. Excellent work on art, scripting and ambience. The missions can be tough up until the right gear is purchased. I would have loved to keep going on forever. For those that love the "Sniper" Genre this is a fucking masterpiece. Only criticism is I would have loved to have had more interaction within the appartment. I the previous games one could read the paper or watch TV interludes. These minor additions could have added a little more spice to the plot. Once again well done. I realise this is the end of this particular series... Or is it? I implore you to consider making more games in line with this!

Wicked Fun

Really enjoyed this game. Very cool idea on the mechanics- It's obviously on rails, but it can be entertaining. The gun battles were just hard enough to make you swear out loud, but easy enough that one wont just close the game out of frustration. Please consider a 3rd part!

Interesting Idea

I thought the premise was cool. Havent seen a "Text Adventure" type game in some time. Recommend adding some sound effects for gunshots and stabs etc.

Pretty Cool

I did not, as others have stated, have issue with stacking on Bikes. I thought the game was quite fun with good graphics. A great time killer. Only suggestion would be to speed up the transition times between once an object is picked up > The screen where you drop- I hope that makes sense. You can tell this wasnt slapped together and honestly earned the score.

Look forward to next chapter

Found the game quite enjoyable. Only suggestion is to add more options and choices. I realize games like these must play on a rail to some extent- More deciding factors would have been welcome

Simple, polished and effective

Great Work! A simple and fun game that is easily accesible. Graphics and animations are very well done. Gameplay does get repeititious and there is not much of a challenge. Frankly put, I think this EXACTLY how a Flash game should play out. Hop in, play for 10 minutes and then move on-

Great Potential

Obvisouly this is just a "Tech Demo" if you will- Voting high on the effort and hopefully to give you some ambition- I realize that most of the art is placeholder- Look forward to the final product- Polish this and press it up =- I also agree with "R" bieng reload as well.

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