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Sweet Action


Not only do you have a kick ass art style which I love, but your sense of directing is amazing- Definitely added you as a favorite artist-

I really enjoyed the 2 knee deep episodes: I really got the feeling that "Hero" made the realization that he was basically fucked- As such he took it upon himself to take out as many out as possible. Wow! Watched it twice...

danomano65 responds:

thanks for such a badass review!

Simply Amazing

This series is so amazing it's hard to quantize or put into Words. I really love how you have built the 2 lovers and the trials and tribulations they face. This trancends simple art and speaks to me on so many levels- I did not believe it possible to put such emotion into a Flash animation. I look forward to the conclusion!


What else can be said? Excellent manuevers in both animation and storyline. i Felt it kept in the perfect spirit of the Contra and the old days- Neva Forget! up.up. down down, left right, left right- B-A Start (Used to rolling with a 2nd player-)

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I do so love the Click-shooters and I realize you most likley put alot of time into this game. However, I have to admit running around a school dining area and killing teachers, cooks and students is a little over the top. I see this was post by you about 8 years ago and I was curious as to if you look back at a game such as this and wonder to yourself "Holy shit, what was I thinking"

Of course I realize this is in fact a game, and frankly I enjoy the "Ultra-Violence" as much as the next guy. So no knocks here. I am really simply interested in your take on this since you've matured and grown up since.

In regards of graphics, the animations were sound and adequate. Storyline was perfect for this type of game (albiet I would have preffered say, city streets or the jungles of 'Nam as a backdrop) Soundwork and foley were adequate. I gave this a "4". totally in the vien of Brainsplatters 2 (Which I quite enjoyed)

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As a fan of "Ultra Violence" I did quite enjoy this flash. I think a little more interactivity would elevate this. Allowing the viewer to swing or utilize the weapon in some fashion. At a minimum, Add multiple deaths for each weapon (As you did the knife.)

Adding more weapons would be nice as well, maybe a Garrote or Hand grenade. Get creative, bludgeon the dude with the Koran or something etc. I realize that may offend some, but hey it would be funny. Choke the guy with a star of david or something.

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Well done

Extremely tough at times, but I could see how one may be able to accomplish. I feel just a little (I mean just a tad) bit more time would make this a little more accesible.

I fun little time killer! Keep up the good work

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love the beat: I see a lot of potential. It's been awhile since I wanted to grab a pad and pen and just write. Between you and Kopy tonight, some straight wicked endeavors. Great job!

KleptoidKat responds:

Thanks so much dude, I appreciate it!

rugged as hell: I love the mix. Inspires me to flow .

Tight beat. Do you have any role in these productions? Aka: sample, produced , mastering, flow ? I would like to know more about you're attributions/contributions.

Tight track : if this is from your camp, bravo! If you are copying and pasting, step off.

KleptoidKat responds:

Thanks for the comment man!

This beat was produced by a fellow named Aske but its me (Qwaint) rapping over it.

I never altered the beat in any way, but I did mix/master my own vocals.

Flow? Well every rap I release is 100% me. Directly from the mind and soul.

Unless otherwise Directed: LoC Disciple; BeatSmith and Flow Perfector

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